Key Benefits of Pre-Seed Lubricant

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When it comes to intimate health, there are a lot of products available on the market. It can be overwhelming to find the right one for you and your partner. One product that has gained popularity in recent years is pre-seed lubricant. But what is pre-seed lubricant and why is it becoming a go-to choice for many couples? In this blog, we will explore the key benefits of pre-seed lubricant and how it can enhance your intimate experiences.

When does Vaginal Dryness occur?

When a woman’s hormones start to change, the vagina loses its natural moisture, commonly referred to as lubrication. This condition is known as vaginal dryness. When having sex with your husband or lover, your vagina will get dry if there is no moisture or oil secretion remaining in the vagina. A sign that can appear at any age is vaginal dryness.

Infection or low estrogen levels may be the cause of vaginal dryness. This is brought on by a variety of factors, including postpartum (childbirth and nursing), smoking, chronic stress and depression, immune system diseases, vigorous exercise, and cancer therapies such pelvic radiation, endocrine therapy, and chemotherapy. As a result of ovary removal surgery, perimenopause, and menopause, those with uterine or ovarian cancer are also more susceptible to get the disease.

Additionally, genital dryness, poor douching (washing with a vaginal hygiene solution), medication use, inadequate or improper intercourse, and dryness of the vaginal mucosa can all contribute to vaginal dryness. Sometimes there is no known cause.

However, women who have just given birth and women who are pre- and postmenopausal both have high rates of vaginal dryness.

About Pre-Seed Lubricant

Pre-SeedTM is the first intimate moisturizer that is “fertility-friendly” and imitates the body’s natural secretions to reduce vaginal dryness and provide the ideal sperm environment. In order to be safe for sperm and gentle on the female body, Pre-SeedTM moisture is supplied in a liquid with the same pH and osmolarity as semen and fertile cervical mucus.

According to clinical research, Pre-SeedTM Fertility Lubricant doesn’t affect sperm function, in contrast to other lubricants that have been shown to impair sperm motility. Whenever you want to add lube and moisture to your intercourse while maintaining fertility, use Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly lube.

Prior to sexual activity, you can apply a sufficient amount to yourself. A small amount of Pre-Seed will be placed into the vaginal canal, where it will imitate bodily fluids. The lubricant works like your body’s fluid when it is applied in the vagina, creating a natural sensation when you are making love.

About Pre-Seed Lubricant

Key Benefits of Pre-Seed Lubricant

Pre-Seed™ Unlike other lubricants, fertility has no negative effects on sperm. Pre-SeedTM is made to mimic the pH balance and isotonicity of the vaginal environment, which allows sperm to float more freely and comfortably than non-reproductive lubricants. Pre-Seed also has antioxidants that promote sperm longevity and health, which enhances sperm’s ability to reach the cervix and other parts of the body.

In order to coat the vagina and the outside of the cervix and to add natural moisture without endangering the sperm, Pre-Seed is implanted internally. Other personal lubricants should be avoided during periods of increased vaginal dryness, even when trying to conceive. Pre-Seed has undergone extensive clinical testing, testing, and physician recommendation.

When you use Pre-SeedTM, you enjoy the improved comfort and smoothness that lubricants offer with the added benefit of a pH-balanced formula. This formula is made to balance isotonic and pH in a way that is similar to the vaginal environment to assist sperm survival.

Despite the fact that Pre-Seed is intended specifically for couples attempting to get pregnant, many women utilize it for other purposes. It is soothing and non-irritating, ideal for ladies experiencing pelvic pain or hormonal shifts,…

Why should I use a Pre-Seed Lubricant?

Pre-seed is safe to use throughout pregnancy and has been clinically shown not to impair the development of sperm or embryos. On the effectiveness of Preseed in being sperm friendly, a lot of clinical data have been published. Additionally, Preseed lube has assisted in the conception of hundreds of couples worldwide.

Pre-seed is not hazardous to sperm, unlike many popular lubricants like saliva. Pre-Seed was the first vaginal lubricant that couples accepted as “safe to use” during in vitro fertilization.

Preseed is applied inside to simulate secretions that occur naturally. balanced to allow for fecund cervical mucus, which can diminish with aging and limit fertility. patent-pending antioxidant formula.

Why should I use a Pre-Seed Lubricant?

Bottom Line

In conclusion, pre-seed lubricant is a great option for couples who are trying to conceive. It offers a variety of benefits, such as providing a sperm-friendly environment, reducing discomfort during intercourse, and improving the chances of successful conception. Additionally, pre-seed lubricant is easy to use, readily available, and affordable. If you are trying to conceive or are experiencing discomfort during intercourse, consider giving pre-seed lubricant a try and experience its numerous benefits for yourself.

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