iVIZIA Sterile Lubricant Dry Eye Drops Reviews

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Introducing iVIZIA Sterile Lubricant Dry Eye Drops – a solution designed to bring relief and comfort to those suffering from dry eyes. But what do users have to say about this product? In this blog, we will delve into iVIZIA Sterile Lubricant Dry Eye Drops reviews, exploring the experiences and opinions of those who have tried it.

Whether you’re considering purchasing this product or simply curious about its effectiveness, read on to discover what users have to say about iVIZIA Sterile Lubricant Dry Eye Drops. Let’s find out with lubricationfaqs!

iVIZIA Sterile Lubricant Dry Eye Drops

Product Specifications

  • Product Name: iVizia Sterile Lubricant Eye Drops for Dry Eye Relief
  • Brand: iVIZIA
  • Country of Manufacture: France
  • Product Type: Eye Drops
  • Best For: Dry Eyes
  • FSA Eligible: Yes
  • Size/Count: 0.16fl oz


Hydrochloric Acid, Trehalose, Tromethamine, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Povidone 0.5% (active component) are also included.

  • Povidone (the active component): A moisturizing polymer called povidone considerably eases painful dry eyes. A matrix of protection for the eyes is created by hydrating polymer.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: It is referred described as a “natural moisturizer” and has a 1000-fold moisture capacity. In the fields of skin care and eye care, hyaluronic acid is widely used and well-known.
  • Trehalose: Hyaluronic acid and trehalose, a bioprotectant also present in nature, combine to fight skin dryness for a longer period of time. An extensive enzymatic procedure is used to separate trehalose from starch. synthetic source.

iVIZIA Sterile Lubricant Dry Eye Drops


Before using, wash hands thoroughly. As required, place 1 or 2 drops into the afflicted eye(s). It is possible to use when wearing contact lenses. Be aware that this cannot be used to rewetten contact lenses or as a contact lens lubricant. You can remove your lenses, administer drops, and then replace them to avoid blurring of contact lenses.

No longer indicate use

Discontinue use and seek medical attention if you have eye pain, blurred vision, persistent redness, or eye irritation, or if your condition worsens or persists for more than 72 hours.

Unique formula

Hyaluronic acid, which retains up to 1000 times its weight in moisture, moisturizing polymers, and trehalose (a synthetic compound also present in desert plants) all work together to create a protective matrix.

Patented ABAK™ bottle

No preservatives are used, it is dispensed dropwise, and it does not flow, all while preventing microbial contamination. It fulfills both the FSA and HSA standards. convenient 0.16 fl oz bottle that is simple to squeeze and grasp.

iVIZIA Sterile Lubricant Dry Eye Drops Reviews

iVIZIA Sterile Lubricating Eye Drops for Dry Eyes are produced by the company that makes the #1 doctor-prescribed dry eye treatment brand in Europe and are carefully formulated to relieve dryness-related discomfort and eye fatigue.

Hyaluronic Acid, Trehalose, and Povidone 0.5%, a lubricating, moisturizing polymer, support the formula’s hydrating and healing properties by creating a protective matrix around your eyes.

The scientifically developed iVIZIA Dry ocular Eye Drops lubricate and moisturize dry eyes, easing discomfort and ocular strain brought on by dryness. Ideal for usage at night and for skin that is extremely dry.

Patented ABAK bottle: disperses dropwise, doesn’t flow, and guards against microbiological contamination while being free of preservatives. It is simple to squeeze, grip, and open the convenient bottle.

It is safe to use iVIZIA before or after surgery because it is sterile, free of irritant preservatives. Additionally, or as a lubricant for contacts, these eye drops can be utilized.

Some Recommended iVIZIA Products

Some Recommended iVIZIA Products

iVIZIA for Dry Eyes

Upgrade to dry eye drops for up to 8 hours of sustained, long-lasting discomfort relief. The special multi-moisturizing formula of iVIZIA enhances eye comfort while working, reading, and using a computer for driving. It is made of moisturizing polymers, sodium hyaluronate, and trehalose. In fact, iVIZIA worked better than the eye drops they had previously, according to 84% of customers.

iVIZIA for Eyelid Care

Try iVIZIA from the maker of the top doctor-recommended eyelid care brand in Europe to gently cleanse delicate eyelids. BAK preservatives are not used in any formulations.

There are three formulations available:

Eyelid Cleansing Wipes

Micelles, plants, and zinc are some of the unusual constituents in these eyelid cleansing wipes. Without needing to rinse, the special preservative-free solution gently eliminates grease and makeup. iVIZIA Eyelid Cleansing Wipes have a special micellar composition developed with botanicals and zinc to gently remove grease and makeup while cleaning eyes without causing discomfort. Specifically, you can use it without rinsing again.

Eyelid Cleansing Gel

Only 4 components and water make up this incredibly delicate solution. Scientifically designed to gently clean delicate eyes and lashes without irritating them. Clinically validated gentle and efficient gel for oil and makeup removal without rinsing. accessible in a tube without preservatives.

Micellar Eyelid Cleanser

The micellars in iVIZIA’s no-rinse product, which is free of BAK preservatives, gently break down and remove oil and makeup to clean eyes without causing irritation. Apply to a cotton pad and wipe immediately. Do not wash. This is a fantastic way to save money compared to using wipes for everyday cleaning because it comes in a bottle.

Bottom Line

Based on the reviews of iVIZIA Sterile Lubricant Dry Eye Drops, it is evident that this product has been well-received by users. Many users have praised its effectiveness in providing relief from dry and irritated eyes. The gentle formula has also been appreciated, as it does not cause any discomfort or stinging sensation upon application.

Additionally, the long-lasting hydration and soothing properties of these eye drops have been commended. Overall, iVIZIA Sterile Lubricant Dry Eye Drops seem to be a reliable solution for individuals experiencing dry eye symptoms.

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