Is PB Blaster a Lubricant? Understanding Its Uses and Properties

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The word “PB Blaster” alone conjures up strength and adaptability. Whether you’re an avid DIY enthusiast or a professional mechanic, chances are you’ve come across this remarkable product at some point. But what exactly is PB Blaster? Is PB Blaster a lubricant?

Well, brace yourself, because we’re about to dive deep into the world of PB Blaster to understand its uses and properties. Get ready to unravel the secrets behind this miracle in a can and discover how it can become an indispensable tool in your arsenal. Let’s find out with lubricationfaqs!

Is PB Blaster a Lubricant?

Yes, PB Blaster is the best lubricant for every metal component of your car in addition to being the greatest anti-corrosion and anti-rust agent. Non-volatile lubricants and anti-corrosion agents are included in the PB Blaster composition. This lubricant continues to function long after it has been applied, keeping water away from the components of your car and avoiding future corrosion.

About PB Blaster

PB B’laster, the penetrant that has sold the most since 1957, instantly annihilates portions that rust or freeze as a result of rust and corrosion. Additionally, it includes a non-volatile lubricant that protects against further corrosion and rust as well as saving time and equipment.

The high-quality oil-based formula of PB Blaster makes it the preferred product for sealing every crevice and removing rust and debris.

The ingredients of PB Blaster are expertly combined to produce a multipurpose product that can simultaneously clean, lubricate, and eliminate corrosion and rust. It may be used for a wide range of tasks.

Use of a PB Blaster can be extremely beneficial if the parts of your car are frozen or rusted. The rust on your car may be swiftly removed, and any metal components that are glued together can be easily freed using this penetrating oil.

Although PB Blaster is a well-liked option for drivers and mechanics, it is not an oil that is only used in garages. In the industrial, maritime, and plumbing sectors, PB Blaster is also used for rust prevention and removal.

Customers can choose from a number of versions of the original product at PB Blaster. There are around 30 different PB Blaster products, such as rust-removal gels, chain and cable lubricants, and garage door lubricants.

Pros and Cons of PB Blaster


  • Rust removal that works
  • Minimizes the risk of future rust and corrosion
  • Freeze or disintegrate rusty parts.
  • The most difficult rust and filth can be removed using this formula.
  • Saves time and resources by including a non-volatile lubricant.
  • Full, decreased, or no flow can be achieved with Control Flow technology.
  • Fasteners such as screws, bolts, and other types of rusted hardware are ‘drained’
  • Use with various equipment, including plumbing, industrial, marine, and automotive
  • Provide Control Flow Technology to B’laster ProStraw™


  • The cost is extremely significant
  • Produces noxious smoke
  • During use, users must put on safety goggles and masks

Does PB Blaster Damage any Materials?

However, PB Blaster is a powerful lubricating and penetrating oil and can harm rubber and some plastics when applied to them.

If PB Blaster is only used once or twice, the rubber will not be harmed. Low-density rubber and other polymers will deteriorate and be damaged if PB Blaster is used on them for an extended period of time.

PB Blaster can soften the surface of higher density rubber when used frequently, but not to the extent that it compromises the material’s strength and integrity.

You should test PB Blaster on a tiny area first to see whether it damages any paint before using it on a larger area. It’s possible that the PB Blaster reacts poorly to poor paint, but if you put it over a finish that was applied by a manufacturer, everything should be alright.

Does PB Blaster Damage any Materials?

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, PB Blaster is more than just a lubricant. It is a versatile and effective solution for various applications. Its unique properties make it an excellent choice for loosening rusted or seized parts, penetrating and displacing moisture, and providing long-lasting lubrication.

Whether you are a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, PB Blaster can be a valuable tool in your arsenal. Its ability to free stuck components and protect against future corrosion makes it a must-have product for any workshop or toolbox. So the next time you encounter a stubborn rusted bolt or need to prevent future rusting, reach for PB Blaster and experience its exceptional performance.

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