Keep Your Ride Smooth: How to Lubricate Motorcycle Chain

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Introducing our latest blog post – a must-read for all motorcycle enthusiasts out there! In this article, we’ll be diving deep into an important topic that can greatly impact the performance and longevity of your ride. So, how to lubricate motorcycle chain?

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, join lubricationfaqs as we explore the world of motorcycle chain lubrication. Stay tuned for valuable insights and expert tips on how to keep your ride smooth and your chain in top-notch condition. Let’s get started!

Why Should Motorcycle Chains be Cleaned?

Everyone is not aware of how important it is to maintain and lubricate your car. Chain wear on a car engine is frequently greater than that of any other component due to frequent use. The chain is the main component that comes into contact with nature, whilst the other parts are almost always greased and shielded from the environment.

The chain is not entirely wrapped on the majority of current motorcycles, making it susceptible to various sand, dust, and liquids when riding. This shows how long the chain has been in use and can reduce how well it performs if it is not properly and routinely maintained.

How frequently you should lube and clean your chain is a subject of debate among all parties. If you travel in the rain, on wet pavement, or on dirt roads, we advise stopping every 500 to 700 km or whenever you do so. If you are persistent, your thread will reward you with a thousand clicks without any problems.

How to Lubricate Motorcycle Chain


Before beginning to lubricate, you must first set up the tools and other necessities. They may include plastic sheets for masking, chain cleaner, chain cleaning brush (grunge brush), soft bristle brush, soft cotton rag, old t-shirt, chain lubricant, soft cotton rag, soft cotton,…

Put on some overalls or a filthy cape, and you should get some safety pins and a pair of nitrile gloves because cleaning up the splashes can take some time. Don’t forget to have some water available.

Switch off the engine as you place the bike on the rack

Put the key out of the ignition as a safety measure. As it will allow the rear tire (and chain) to rotate freely, we advise positioning your motorcycle in the middle or on a pedestal. Cleaners and lubricants will be used more skillfully by you. If you don’t have access to these kinds of racks, you can just move the bike in the driveway while using a stand to make sure the chain is lubricated throughout. Move the motorcycle so that you can reach the second part after lubricating the first part.

Inspect the chain on your motorcycle

Make sure there is no friction in your current chain that would require you to replace it before you begin cleaning and lubricating your motorcycle chain. The maximum length of particular chain links must be specified in your motorbike manual. You should acquire a new one if the link count is greater than that because it is too old. Rotate the back wheel of your bike when it is mounted on a rack so that it is off the ground and look at the chain.


Then, take the chain cleaner and spray it on the area of the chain where it rests on the rear sprocket so that you may freely move the rear wheel after setting your bike on the center rack or raising it on the rack. Using the three bristles on the brush, coat the side panels on each side as well as the rollers, and then scrub the dirt away. Till the entire chain has been cleaned, spin the wheel and go on as before.

Spray the cleanser very sparingly and wipe the gunge residue away once more with a cloth. Now is an excellent time to clean your bike from top to bottom, and make sure to rinse the chain while you’re doing it.

Rinse the chain with water and pat it dry with a cloth if you are merely cleaning and lubricating it. Use a rag to clean your back wheel because it is undoubtedly dirty. To get rid of tenacious chain lubricant, squeeze a little chain cleanser over the cloth. Give the bike a quick ride to shake off extra water, warm up the chain, and prepare it for lubrication after cleaning the chain, wheels, or the entire bike.


It is possible to lubricate the chain once it is clean, dry, and warm. Reposition the bike on the rack, then lightly mist the area where the chain and sprocket meet. After one full revolution, stop. Spray the outer panels once more while repeating rotation one, then coat the inside panels with a second revolution.

Applying too much oil will cause it to stick together and collect dirt, causing it to wear off too quickly and defeating the purpose of lubricating in the first place. The chain tension needs to be compared to the manufacturer’s suggested setting before finishing the job.

How to Lubricate Motorcycle Chain

Winding Up

In conclusion, properly lubricating your motorcycle chain is essential for maintaining a smooth ride and prolonging the life of your bike. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your chain remains in optimal condition, reducing friction and wear.

Regularly inspecting and lubricating your chain will not only enhance your riding experience but also contribute to the overall performance and longevity of your motorcycle. Remember, a well-lubricated chain is a key component in keeping your ride smooth and enjoyable.

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