How to Lubricate a Paper Shredder for Optimal Performance

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Are you tired of your paper shredder jamming every time you try to use it? Do you wish there was a way to make it run smoothly and efficiently? Well, look no further! In this blog post, we will explore how to lubricate a paper shredder. By following these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy an optimal shredding experience without any frustrating interruptions. So, let’s dive right in and discover the secrets to lubricating your paper shredder for optimal performance.

What is a Paper Shredder?

The shredder, as its name implies, is used to destroy various kinds of papers, including paper, cards, CDs/DVDs, USBs, and more. In order to eliminate misprinted documents, damaged prints, or to protect sensitive company information, the machine shreds documents using cutting blades.

The primary components of the paper shredder’s structure are its main motor, gear set, main board, and lubricating knives. Three components make up the shredder: a drive motor, a comb of paper, and a set of revolving blades. For security reasons, the paper is sent out between the blades and cut into a number of thin sheets.

How to Know If your Paper Shredder Needs Lubrication

It’s important to give your machine some oil if you notice that it’s having difficulties shredding, tearing, or jamming while you’re using a paper shredder. In order to maintain your shredder’s good condition while using it, you typically need to oil the device once every two months.

But cleaning the cutter is the best option if you want to prevent abuse and frequently use the shredder constantly at high speed. For your shredder to last a long time, the blades are chopped each time you take out the trash.

The primary goals of the line of lubricants for paper shredders are to increase wear resistance, add anti-wear additives, improve the adhesion of grease to the gearbox, and decrease the viscosity of the grease when changing the oil. The high-damping grease lines also typically exhibit the traits of increasing grease viscosity and viscosity, double the viscosity of anti-wear, anti-noise, and smooth.

How to Lubricate a Paper Shredder

The gearbox, which is the primary functional component of the paper shredder’s power transmission system and is often built of engineering plastics, is a vulnerable area for damage despite having some mechanical toughness. The paper shredder’s gearbox is its main lubrication component, and oil is used to lubricate it as well as to reduce friction and noise.

Maintaining the oil in your office shredder is necessary to keep it running smoothly and prevent the machine from becoming dry, which could result in blockages and poor performance. To put oil in the shredder, all you need to do is squeeze the bottle or bottles of oil drop by drop into the full paper slot while holding the reverse button of the paper.

Hold down the reverse button for 10 seconds to ensure that the cutters and roaster slots are lubricated by oil. It only takes a few seconds for your shredder to stay up and running, so regularly check and oil your cutters and mouthpieces to prolong the life of your equipment.

One way to properly lubricate a shredder is to oil the rotors directly. The most straightforward method, however, is to drip some lubricant oil in a zigzag pattern over a piece of paper before shredding the document.

What Lubricant should I Use for Paper Shredder

What Lubricant should I Use for Paper Shredder

The professional shredder with oil lubrication is the top option. Vegetable oils are permitted by some manufacturers, but you should always read the instructions first because using the incorrect oil will void the machine’s warranty. The majority of shredder shops, supply warehouses, and organizations typically stock lubricating oil for shredders. To buy and use, get in touch with those locations.

You can also use cooking oil, vegetable oils, such as Fellowes Shredder Oil, which is one of the specific oils for horizontal shredders.

Some big capacity equipment, such as industrial shredders or commercial shredders with the Auto-Oil feature, are frequently protected by conditioner. Some users advise sewing machine oil since it is a thin, dust-proof oil. It’s not advised to use WD-40 lubricating oil.

Definitely do not lubricate your paper shredder with spray oil, it is very important to remember this. Since this is a petroleum lubricant, it could be dangerous for your equipment, harm internal components, and even pose a major fire risk. Always keep in mind to only use vegetable oil in your shredder.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, proper lubrication is essential for maintaining optimal performance of your paper shredder. By regularly lubricating the shredder blades, you can prevent paper jams, extend the lifespan of the machine, and ensure smooth and efficient shredding. Remember to use the right lubricant, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and schedule regular maintenance to keep your paper shredder running smoothly for years to come.

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